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Men in Black: Alien Crisis - Xbox360

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PS3 Wii

A standalone adventure designed to coincide with the global theatrical release of Men In Black III, the Men in Black video game stays true to the spirit of the franchise, with action-packed yet light-hearted gameplay mixed with edge-of-your-seat shooting excitement from the universe's most elite peacekeeping force. The films' unique blend of action, humor, and eye-popping special effects fuels the Men in Black’s gameplay experience. To complete the special agent feel, the game includes an exclusive futuristic blaster peripheral. Utilizing the rich mythology of the Men In Black universe, the game's original story builds on the history of the series to bring back familiar faces, while also introducing new foes.

- Your mission is to uncover a new alien plot, scan and identify aliens in disguise, neuralize any accidental civilian human witnesses, and defeat all enemies in order to protect Earth.
- Experience the over-the-top firepower of the MIB with the next iteration of gun technology and intuitive cover mechanics that add choice to exciting rail shooter gameplay.
- Unique MIB-styled Weapon: Awesome gaming peripheral to make battling aliens more fun than ever.
- 3rd Person / Strategic Choices: Over-the-shoulder perspective and ability to strafe, dodge, jump and use cover.
- Investigation and Interrogation: Rail-based sequences where players must obtain intelligence by investigating locations and interrogating suspects.

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